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One of services that we pride ourselves on is the cloud accounting service. Pitt Martin is a certified advisor for the cloud accounting software Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB and Reckon One. We believe technology can change the world and if you don’t adapt to new technology you will be out of the game.


Traditionally, accounting software is installed in a particular device such as a computer, laptop, or tablet. Cloud accounting utilises cloud technology to host the accounting software in a remote cloud server. All devices can then access that accounting software through a login on a website, just like logging in to your online email.


There are numerous benefits in using cloud accounting:

Easy Collaboration

Cloud accounting software enables clients, their staff and most importantly their accountant to access the same data and work on that data simultaneously. Clients can communicate with us and save all files on the cloud accounting platform. Therefore, they will not need to take, post or email documents to our office for bookkeeping. In addition, the cloud accounting software allows for auto bank feeds, semi-auto data entry and instant financial reports. All these features dramatically save time and improve the efficiency in communication.


Because the cloud accounting platform or software is accessed through a website, as long as there is an internet connection, clients can access and work on their files at any time and anywhere around the world. It also can be accessed through your work station, travel tablet or even your mobile phone.


Cloud accounting makes a client’s data more secure than ever. The reason for this is that the cloud accounting platform is stored on a provider’s server. Providers spend vast resources to protect the data parked on their server from being stolen, hacked, etc and all data is backed up at different places so clients need not worry that their data may be lost due to changing their devices, nature damage and so on.


Traditional desktop software requires updated software regularly in order to meet changes in the tax rate, withholding rate, superannuation percentage, etc. Most current market cloud accounting platforms will automatically upgrade everything on the server from the background. This makes compliance work much smoother for clients.


Current cloud accounting market includes Xero, Intuit Quickbooks, MYOB, Reckon, SAASU, Harvest and Netsuite. Each provider has their strengths in different area. At Pitt Martin, our team can provide insights for clients to find the most suitable cloud accounting provider for them.

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What can we do to help your business with cloud accounting?

Setting Up

Our team can pick and choose the right cloud accounting provider for you. Then setup and configure the software ready to use including choosing the right accounting basis, BAS report period, Chart of Accounts, invoice branding, bank feeds and payroll features.

Training and Support

If you want to take part or arrange for full daily bookkeeping of your business, our team can offer both initial and ongoing training and support to you or your staff. It can be face to face, on the phone, or by video meeting.


If you want to focus your energy on your business, we have a qualified team to perform daily bookkeeping for you. Because of the cloud accounting platform, you can review the updated data and performance of your business instantly anytime and anywhere.


Business advisory is one of our team’s strengths and focusses currently and for the future. We utilise the instant updating feature of cloud accounting platforms to react quickly to our clients’ business performance. Hence we are able to provide advice to our clients in a timely manner to improve their cash flows, form strategies to increase sales and cut expenses, ratio analysis for compliance risk, and even lead to assistance in structuring your business for tax effectiveness and legal protection.


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