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Being in public practice for over a decade, we are familiar with all tax regimes relating to both businesses and individuals. In Pitt Martin, we spend hundreds of hours every year relating to tax research and to ensure that we keep up to date with the latest rulings and reforms. Therefore, we are able to apply the latest rulings to our clients to ensure that they won’t be disadvantaged.

We also differentiate ourselves from the market in that we do not just stop at compliance work but assist with tax planning in order to minimise our client’s tax liability in the years to come.


Income Tax Return

We assist you to ensure that you do not miss any deductions and offsets so that we can maximise your tax refund. We are also experienced in assisting with complex tax returns for companies, trusts, partnerships and non-for-profit organisations.

BAS or IAS Lodgement

We deal with GST issues daily and this includes assistance in the following industries to name a few: retail, manufacture, hospitality, import and export, property, education, medical and professional. We also assist with fuel tax credit issues, PAYG withholding and instalments in all industries.

Capital Gains Tax and Fringe Benefits Tax

The disposal of assets such as real property may trigger Capital Gains Tax. We assist in minimising or, if possible to get a concession which saves money for the tax payer. Fringe benefit tax can be incurred when employers provide benefits to employee in place of salary or wages. We have sophisticated experience in these regimes and can assist in providing the most suitable arrangement.

International Tax

One of our main strengths is that we have the resources and years of experience in helping foreign entities setup businesses or invest in Australia or for Australian local businesses to expand overseas. Running a business in a different jurisdiction can be challenging. Our experienced team can assist you from setting up the initial structure to the ongoing compliance work.

Payroll Tax and End of Year PAYG summary

We advise on employer’s payroll tax obligations and assist with end of year employee PAYG summaries and statements.

Transfer Duty and Land Tax

Acquiring and maintaining a property can be expensive due to transfer duty (formerly known as stamp duty) and land tax charged by state government. We specialise in giving advice and planning for this, especially the surcharges relating to foreigners.

Tax Planning

During our years of public practice, we have gained significant experience in tax planning which is a great way to cut down on your tax bills. A good tax plan needs the full picture of the client and their family. Our boutique approach enables us to create a friendly communicative environment and tailor a plan for each client.

Tax Disputes

ATO reviews and audits are essential to protect the efficacy of the tax system. Sometimes, these matters can be stressful and could lead to huge penalties. Our team is familiar with the processes when dealing with the ATO. We also have partnered legal professionals who can assist with these affairs.

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